Oil and Natural gas

Chris Link From Bowling Green, Kentucky: Areas of Expertise

Chris Link from Bowling Green, Kentucky, knows the ins and outs of the oil industry. He is currently the Vice President of public relations at Panex. With more than 20 years of experience in the field of oil, he has a lot to offer the company. He can relate to both the hands-on work in the field as well as the managerial tasks.

Chris Link Bowling Green Ky Oil and Gas Industry

His knowledge in the industry expands to many different areas. In the many years that he has been a part of the oil business, he has observed and participated in as many different areas as possible. These areas include:

●Funding options
●Stock options
●Wells for oil and for gas
●Marketing the product to new clients
●Production and distribution of a product

During his time with Panex, he has become a valuable asset. Not only does he understand the production aspect of the oil industry, but he also has extensive business knowledge to share. He manages the company’s advertisement campaigns, markets products to new clients, and collects revenue for the business through these channels.

The company has grown in leaps and bounds since 2011. It was originally meant as a holding company for the founder, Bob Burr, but has developed into so much more in the years between then and now. For more information visit here Chris Link Bowling Green Ky

Oil and Natural gas

Chris Link Bowling Green, Kentucky: Future Plans

Chris Link Bowling Green, Kentucky Future Plans

Chris Link from Bowling Green, Kentucky, does not know what is coming down the road. He has plenty of plans for when he hits retirement age and would like to pursue his passions. He enjoys painting with oils; cars; and heading outdoors for fishing, camping, and hunting whenever his busy schedule allows.

Oil and Natural gas

Quick Facts About Chris Link From Bowling Green, Kentucky, Part Two

On top of spending time outdoors, painting, and researching cars, Chris Link of Bowling Green, Kentucky, loves to travel. He has quite a few stamps on his passport, but still has plenty of places left on his bucket list. He travels for his work but also enjoys traveling with his family for fun and for vacation.

Chris Link Bowling Green Ky Traveling

Chris Link’s favorite place he has traveled to is Little Bay, Jamaica. He feels at home in the area and the beach provides a very relaxing getaway. He has also traveled to St. Lucia, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Canada and even to Egypt. In all of these places, he loves taking it all in: Learning about the culture, experiencing the food and seeing the sights all help him to enjoy a particular destination.

His travel bucket list keeps expanding as he learns more about new destinations. Currently on the list are Australia, Belize, China, New Zealand, and Japan, but he would visit just about anywhere if given the chance.

Football is Chris Link Bowling Green Ky favorite sport to watch in Bowling Green, Kentucky. His favorite team to watch in the NFL is the Oakland Raiders. His family knows he is an avid fan and will catch a game with him whenever possible.

Oil and Natural gas

Quick Facts About Chris Link From Bowling Green, Kentucky, Part One

Chris Link from Bowling Green, Kentudky, was born on March 30, 1973, in California. He has a wife and two grown children who live with him in Kentucky. His business expertise lies in energy, natural resources, sales and consulting. He currently works in the oil industry.

Chris Link Bowling Green Ky working in oil and gas industry

Chris Link is also an artist and his medium is painting with oils. He went to school for art at the University of Kentucky and spends any free time he has creating art. He enjoys creating a representation of real things in his daily life and putting them on display for everyone to see. In the future when the time comes to retire, he hopes to have a lot more time on his hands to work on his art.

Chris Link Bowling Green Ky, Kentucky, prefers to be outdoors whenever he gets the chance. He enjoys activities such as hunting, fishing, and camping near his home in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Not only does he have a passion for art and the outdoors, but he is also a car enthusiast. He can tell you all about the latest models on the road and loves reading about the different types of cars available on the market.

Oil and Natural gas

Christopher Link Is Passionate About Work in Energy

Christopher Link Bowling Green Ky

Christopher Link has spent 20 years in the energy industry and plans to retire from it. He is passionate about it and believes that as long as people need light, heat, and mobility, there will be a need for energy. He has worked in asset-based management, public relations and would like to do more work in sales and consulting. To know more visit here: Christopher Link Bowling Green Ky

Oil and Natural gas

Chris Link’s Work in Oil and Gas

Chris Link of Bowling Green, KY has spent 20 years in the natural energy industry. In that time, he has helped numerous people enter into, and grow within the industry. Chris has been responsible for acquiring clients and developing relationships with existing and potential partners. He has helped two companies go public and aided nine companies in drilling new wells.

Christopher Link Bowling Green Ky

Chris has additionally helped other companies drill oil and gas wells onshore and offshore, construct pipelines, and has been a consultant for directional drilling. He has aided in financing drilling and property ventures for extracting natural resources. His many years of experience have made him an invaluable asset to Panex and a key contributor to where the company is today.

Chris Link is a graduate from Western Kentucky University and has lived in the area since moving here from California as a teenager. Chris is married, with two grown children. He is passionate about his work and plans to continue investing time and energy to the natural resource industry by way of sales and consultations.

When he is not working, Chris loves to travel, paint, and spend time with his family, either watching movies, listening to music, or enjoying the outdoors. Chris Link Bowling Green Ky has accomplished much in his field and is proud of his work, but hopes to retire in the near future to devote more of his time to his personal passions and interests.

Oil and Natural gas

Chris Link, the Outdoorsman From Bowling Green, KY

Chris Link of Bowling Green, KY loves the outdoors. He spends much of his time hunting, camping, traveling, and painting. Chris has traveled across the globe, but still has many places left to explore. His favorite place he has been to is Little Bay, Jamaica. He has also been through the Caribbean Islands, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, St. Lucia, Egypt and Canada.

When he retires, he plans to devote more time traveling and would like to see South America, Belize, China, Japan, and Australia. Whether home or away, Chris enjoys documenting the world he sees through the joy of oil painting.

Chris is married with two grown children and likes to go hunting and camping with all of them. In addition to traveling, Chris plans to spend much of his time post-retirement with his family, such as spending time with them watching movies and listening to music. In his personal time, not only does Chris enjoy painting, but he also spends time gardening and landscaping. Chris loves to find ways to enjoy and bring out the beauty of the world around him.

Chris Link Bowling Green Ky would like to retire and dedicate more of his time to these passions within the next 10 years, but until then, he will continue his dedicated work in the field of energy.